Initiative to Exchange Posts with Other Bloggers


In our wider effort to expand our presence on the web we announce an initiative to exchange blog posts with other bloggers. We expect bloggers who will see this anouncement to write us and agree on writing a post on each side. Further we will cover what we expect you to write about our projects so you can get an idea what you can expect in return from us. Basicly cover all our projects and describe them in a practical way and include links as they are presented here:

BAKO Agency is Information Systems Research & Development Company that dedicates its activities to reaserching and developing own projects as well as working on clients projects. On home page you can find an overview of our activities that include research & development, architectural design and visualization, smart house technologies, project management and data science, apps and games development. It is divided into sections with a link into prominent example and tech stack that is being used to achieve the result. There is also a contact form that you are free to use in case you cant immediately send an email to an address at the bottom of the page.

BAKO Backlinks is an index of links that are placed for a small fee and improve SEO of the pages that are being linked to. Feel free to use this index to place your blog or website on it. We have plans for this index in the future to develop a crawler that would crawl the pages on the index and analyse them to suggest SEO improvements. So placing a backlink is an investment in some sense.

BAKO Forecasting is Stock & Cryptocurrency Market Predictions Platform that daily generates predictions based on historical prices of top 100 companies by market capitalisation including biggest cryptocurrencies tickers. Machine learning algorithm implemented is described here and is constantly being researched on how to improve the accuracy of predictions. Feel free to purchase a monthly membership to get access to all 100 tickers and prediction lengths of one month. You can view an example prediction on the home page as well as camparison of prices that happened in the mean time against the prediction that has been generated a period ago.

We also design architectural solutions and visualizations, including modelling, animations, rendering and postprocessing videos. We are also looking into smart house technologies and would be happy to work on a solution if it is required. Interior design is not out of question as well.

Last but not least is our Developer Page on Google Play Store where you can find apps and games we are developing. This section represents our main proposal to our clients to research & develop solutions of information systems including web frontends, backends, mobile apps and games. We are ready to agree on a project if anyone has development work for us.

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